Suicide prevention is everybody's business, we can all be aware of the warning signs and we all have a role to play in suicide prevention.  By taking the Say "Hello" Save a Life pledge you are taking a step to help prevent suicide in our communities and becoming a partner in prevention.

Sign the pledge below to demonstrate your commitment to talk more openly about suicide and reduce the stigmas associated with suicide and mental health in our communities.

I pledge that I will:

* Tell someone if I need help;

* Be aware of the suicide warning signs in others;

* Ask directly about suicide if I'm worried about someone;

* Listen without judgement and do what I can to keep them safe;

* Help you get support if you're struggling and/or thinking about suicide.

For signing this pledge and including your name and address JJ's Hello Foundation the creators of the Say "Hello" Save a Life pledge agree to send you a free sticker.  The bracelet helps signify your commitment to suicide prevention and reducing the stigmas associated with mental health.
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